About Me

I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love.

Steve Jobs

Software Engineer

I have learned so much about how at least some kind of software is to be made by creating GetDeals and others products that given any idea now, finding the right pieces and putting them together should be easy.

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Full-Stack Developer

Being the sole creator of GetDeals meant wearing multiple hats. Be it frontend, backend, databases, infrastructure, designing and more, I have “been there, done that” enough times making me competent enough for this role.

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Freelance Developer & Designer

I started freelancing in college to meet my expenses. I made websites. In my 4 years of freelancing, I got to work with all kinds of people with different kinds of requirements. But no matter, I always delivered, on time.

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Traveller, Adventure Junkie

I do solo bike rides to random places every few months. Cruising on the highway is the perfect travel-adventure package. Many more such trips are on their way. Wanderlust shouldn’t just be a hashtag, isn’t it?

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I am also currently exploring my interest in music and video editing. I so want to make an awesome travel video at the time of writing this description.