Let's start a blog

I have run into all kinds of problems while learning something new, working on my personal projects, freelancing as a web developer and designer or at my regular day jobs. Some of these include weird errors, setting up development environments, product requirements, etc.

While I have always found a solution to my problems, it was after spending a lot of time on Google, Stack Overflow and other such sources. I don't want to be doing that again in the future for the same issues. Moreover, some solutions were shared by experienced seniors too.

As a developer, I know I'll face the same issue again but in a different form sometime in the future. For example, while switching laptops. I am sure I am not the only one who has been through this. There will be more who are facing or will face the same problems as I did.

That is why I am starting this blog to document everything for easy reference later. I hope that my learnings might help others solve or at least guide them in the right direction to find a solution to their problems. In case it does, do let me know. I'd appreciate that.